Formwork Hire


Formwork Hire

Perth Formwork Hire

Formwork Hire

Hire world-leading formwork equipment

Sunbuild Constructions specialises in the use of German-designed Peri and Acrow formwork equipment. Peri and Acrow are world leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative formwork systems, designed to improve safety, efficiency and costs for all building projects, whilst achieving premium concrete surface quality.

As a part of Sunbuild Construction’s large pool of formwork resources we have an extensive range of Peri and Acrow equipment available to hire. We also have available preparatory formwork systems for various applications and formwork requirements. Sunbuild also provide the service of formwork design and inspections by a certified engineer for all formwork requirements.

PERI Formwork System

Our equipment is always in the best possible condition and that we are able to supply any workforce with sufficient materials to run numerous large projects simultaneously.

Sunbuild Constructions hire out the most suitable, high-quality formwork configuration with a reasonable, easy-to-understand cost structure, which in turn makes your site more efficient and cost-effective. By hiring formwork from Sunbuild Constructions, your company will save itself unnecessary expense and effort, while increasing the level of quality.

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